District 6 Commissioner, Shannon Burns, Announces Plans For Re-Election To Forest Preserve Board.

- Press Release

Commitment to land preservation and to the public cited as reason for second term.

Shannon Burns, of West Chicago, announced this week that she will seek re-election to the DuPage County Forest Preserve Board in 2014. Burns won the seat in 2012, taking over for retiring incumbent Roger Kotecki.

Former District 6 Commissioner Kotecki noted that Burns “hit the ground running and has exceeded my expectations” during her first term. Burns was endorsed by the Sierra Club and by the Daily Herald during her 2012 campaign.

In 2012, Burns focused on public accountability as a campaign priority. She began her first term keeping this promise by bringing motions to the Board that led to four evening meetings per year, and to improved record keeping of public comment. “I am pleased that I have been able to impact the Board’s accountability to the public during my first term. We still have work to do but good progress has been made,” Burns said.

Burns was also instrumental in establishing the District’s first ethics committee, bringing up the need to formally appoint Ethics Committee members at her second Board meeting in 2012. As a result, the District now has a formalized, bi-partisan ethics committee.

Another of Burns’ 2012 campaign issues was fiscal responsibility, including Forest Preserve Board salary: “Forest Preserve Board member salaries should be equal to the salaries of County Board members because the work we do is equally important to citizens,” she said. Since Forest Preserve Board members are paid more than County Board members, Burns proved her commitment to equal salaries by donating a portion of her salary back to the District. Her donation is designated for use by school districts that lack funding to provide transportation to Kline Farm’s “Day at the Farm” program. Burns is also one of only two Commissioners to not take a pension, and the only Commissioner to not take medical insurance benefits from the District.

Burns’ believes that the District’s mission of “preserving and restoring land’ must be the primary focus of her work on the Board. “This is especially true for residents of District 6 because we have over 50% of all Forest Preserve land in the County located here,” she said. Continuing her studies at the Morton Arboretum, and working as a volunteer for the Morton Arboretum, the Sierra Club and the Wayne Conservancy all help Burns to stay in touch with her role as a steward of the land.

In addition to being a Certified Woodland Steward, Burns has a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and a Doctorate in Adult Education. She is a small business owner, a former Board member of the Wheaton League of Women Voters and a current member of both the Wheaton League and the American Association of University Women.

During the next 14 months, Burns will continue to work as an advocate for citizens in District 6. Her re-election in 2104 will allow her to continue her work as a tireless advocate for the people of District 6, as well as for the open space that makes District 6 such a wonderful place.

The DuPage County Forest Preserve District was one of the first five in the United States. The District is over 100 years old! Managing this valuable resource requires a focus on the future with a balanced approach to land management, fiscal stewardship and public involvement.

People ask me why I want to be on the Forest Preserve Board. The answer is simple: I LOVE our Forest Preserves and want to be part of preserving our open space for the future.



"Shannon Burns is a worthy successor to Roger Kotecki. We believe that, like Roger, she will promote practices that make DuPage's forest preserves a special place for people to visit and a healthy place for wildlife to live." Sierra Club, September, 2012


"Shannon Burns is committed to open space and natural area preservation. She has the intellectual power as well as the analytical and verbal skills necessary in a Commissioner. And she will be an advocate for the citizens and tax payers of District 6." Roger Kotecki, District 6 Forest Preserve Commissioner incumbent.


"We endorse...Burns as the best choice to serve as a resoned reformer who asks the tough questions" Dailey Herald, October, 2012

My entire life has been preparation for serving my community as a Commissioner on the Forest Preserve Board. Visit the ISSUES section of my website to read more about my views on Forest Preserve issues, and to learn more about me, visit the MEET SHANNON section.

Please contact me if you’d like to talk about our Forest Preserves. I’d love to hear from you!

Shannon Burns