Shannon Burns

Special Thanks

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ” – Voltaire

Many people have helped me with generous in-kind contributions of services or materials. Each contribution has made a difference in helping me win the position of District 6 Commissioner of the DuPage County Forest Preserve.  Now, as Commissioner, each of these contributions has helped me be more successful in serving the public!

  • Thank youGlenda Stevens of Favorites for her contribution of campaign buttons.
  • Robert Whitney for his ongoing, generous contribution of  voter history analysis reports.
  • Wally Kubon for invaluable assistance with voter data analysis.
  • Dave Barclay for his initial work in building this website.
  • Daria Dokic for her ongoing, generous contribution of time   and talent in graphic design.
  • My husband, Dave Williams, for his patience with my time away from home during this campaign. And for his creative genius in turning our truck into an eye-catching Forest Preserve parade float.
  • My life-long friends, Margaret Wehrenberg, Bruce Mabee, and Carla Eisenberg for their cheerful support and never-ending faith in my ability to win – and then win again! – an election in DuPage County.
  • Chuck LaFrano, for making sure that Lucy, my 1989 red convertible, always looks her best for a parade.
  • Derek Curtis, for help maintaining my 2012 campaign website.
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